How to Comedy Xiangqi / Chinese Chess / 象棋

Xiangqi is a two-player lath bold from the aforementioned ancestors of amateur as Chanturanga, Western Chess, Shogi, and Jogi. Xiangqi is accepted in the west as Chinese Chess and is one of the best broadly played lath amateur in the world.


The lath is composed of 9 vertical curve (files) and 10 accumbent curve (ranks) with the pieces actuality played on the intersections. On anniversary ancillary of the lath adjoin the aback bend is a palace, which is 3 by 3 curve (9 positions) with four askew curve that extend apparent from the centermost basic an “X” shape. Adding the two opposing abandon of the lath is a river, amid amid the fifth and sixth ranks. The river is generally apparent with the Chinese characters, 楚河 “Chǔ Hé” acceptation "Chu River", and 漢界 (汉界 in simplified Chinese), “Hàn Jiè”, acceptation "Han border", a advertence to the Chu-Han War. Some boards accept the starting credibility of soldiers apparent with baby crosses.


The starting positions of the pieces are abiding as apparent below.

Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Board Layout


The arena pieces are adumbrated by Chinese characters. The aforementioned baronial pieces sometimes accept altered characters for anniversary ancillary and sometimes are accounting in either acceptable or Chinese characters. The pieces are articular beneath by English name, Chinese pronunciation, acceptable Chinese character, simplified Chinese appearance if it is different, and again the appearance variation.


Xiangqi Chinese Chess - General Pieces
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - General Move


General “Shuài” 帥/帅 and “Jiàng” 將/将

Generals may move one point either angular or horizontally, but not aslant and is bedfast to the nine credibility aural his palace. A accepted may not additionally move into a file, which is active by the adversary general, unless there is at atomic one allotment positioned amid the generals in the file.

Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Guard Pieces
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Guard Move


Guard / Adviser “Shì” 仕 and “Shì” 士

These are the king’s attorneys and bouncer the baron aural the palace. The bouncer moves one point aslant and is bedfast to the palace.


Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Elephant Pieces
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Elephant Move


Elephant “Xiàng” 相 and “Xiàng” 象

The elephants move absolutely two credibility in any askew administration and may not jump over amid pieces or cantankerous the river.

Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Horse Piece
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Horse Move


Horse “Mà” 傌/马 and “Mǎ” 馬/马

The horse moves one point angular or vertically, and again one point diagonally. It cannot move in a administration area there is a allotment blocking it forth the aisle of movement.

Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Chariot Piece
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Chariot Move


Chariot “Jū” 俥/车 and “Jū” 車/车

Chariots move analogously to the rooks in all-embracing chess. The agent moves as abounding credibility as it wishes angular or vertically. It cannot jump over pieces in its path.

Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Cannon Pieces
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Cannon Move


Cannons “Pào” 炮 and “Pào” 砲

Cannons move absolutely like the chariot. To capture, however, a cannon charge jump over absolutely one piece, acquaintance or foe, forth its band of movement.

Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Soldier Pieces
Xiangqi Chinese Chess - Soldier Move


Soldier “Bīng” 兵 and “Zú” 卒

Soldiers move and abduction by advancing one point forward. Already a assurance has beyond the river it may additionally move and abduction one point horizontally. A assurance may never move backward, appropriately retreating.




Each ancillary alternates, affective one allotment in anniversary turn. Pieces abduction by application their accustomed moves and landing on a point active by an adversary piece. Generally, red makes the aboriginal move but two players can accede to comedy otherwise.

Victory is accomplished back one amateur puts the other’s accepted in checkmate. Arrest is back the added player’s accepted is larboard with no advantage but to be captured in the abutting move. Back the player’s accepted is in crisis of actuality captured on the abutting move, that accepted is in check, “Jiāng” 將/将,and the amateur aggressive abduction announces it.

If a amateur armament the added amateur to echo a move by repeating his move a additional time, he charge breach the aeon with a altered move on his abutting turn.

If a amateur checks the added amateur three times in a row in a way that repeats their positions, the arrested amateur charge forfeit.

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