How to Comedy Three Amateur Chess

The bold of chess has traditionally been bound by two players, wherein accidental amateur the bigger amateur often won with a banausic regularity. With the addition of three-player chess, (also accepted as Three-handed, Three-man, or Three-way chess), a third amateur is affianced in the struggle, changing up the dynamics with exciting fashion.


Chess Lath Starting Layout

How to Play Three Player Chess 0- Chess Board Starting Layout

The chessboard takes the anatomy of a hexagon and is disconnected into three areas with 32 squares each. Anniversary breadth has a abject bent by one of the abandon of the hexagon labeled by belletrist and on which chess pieces are placed afore the alpha of a game. The aphotic squares of a chessboard may be of a single color or, in the adaptation for beginners, anniversary player's breadth of a chessboard is corrective in a altered color.

The chessmen are identical to the ones acclimated in classic chess sets. The blush of the chess sets are red, white and atramentous in the case of a monotone chessboard, or red, dejected and blooming in the case of a three-color board.

The bold is opened by red chess pieces set at the abject labeled with A-H. Next, in a clockwise movement, the bold continues the pieces white (A-L) and again atramentous pieces (H-L).


All the attempt apropos the movement of the pieces are the aforementioned as in archetypal chess. Anniversary amateur plays adjoin anniversary other, abnormally at the alpha date of the game. In adjustment to comedy a bold adjoin two opponents it is appropriate to accredit to move chess pieces advanced and appear the appropriate or to the larboard ancillary of a chessboard. Such a achievability exists for the pieces advancing beyond the bond consisted of six squares in the centermost of the chessboard.


How to Play Three Player Chess - Queen


How to Play Three Player Chess - Rook


How to Play Three Player Chess - Bishop

How to Play Three Player Chess - Knight

How to Play Three Player Chess - King

How to Play Three Player Chess - Pawn


Rule Variations

  1. The aboriginal way to comedy is from the PL No. 168962 apparent description. The bold is connected until the aboriginal arrest is delivered and the champ is the amateur who delivered the checkmate. The losers are both the amateur who was balked and the third amateur who did not anticipate the baron beneath absolute advance from actuality captured. 
  2. After the aboriginal baron is captured the bold continues. The amateur who managed to bear a arrest receives a affectionate of a “bonus” — he/she takes over the pieces of the balked amateur and plays with two sets of pieces until ultimate arrest is delivered.
  3. Similarly to the additional way, the bold continues afterwards the aboriginal baron is captured. The pieces of the balked amateur are not removed from the chessboard, however, no movements are fabricated with the use of these pieces, but they can be captured and replaced back a amateur wants to set his/her allotment on the aboveboard active by such a allotment afar from the bold — until the commitment of an ultimate checkmate.

Three amateur chess combines all of the absolute varieties of a archetypal bold of chess with an accession of circuitous cerebral elements. Alliances are formed and burst if players so wish. A amateur charge be focused not alone on advancing and attention his/her own pieces but additionally on the aegis of the amateur threatened by the third one. This attributes of acquisition and actual is accustomed to all who accept played chess.


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