How to Comedy Mexican Alternation Dominos

Mexican Alternation is an acutely accepted domino bold that’s accessible to apprentice and fun to play. Anniversary amateur is dealt an according bulk of dominoes and the ambition to try to get rid of as abounding dominoes as accessible and accept the everyman account based on the dominoes remaining.



• 1 Alternation Hub - Annular centerpiece placed in the average of the table
• 8 Alternation Tokens - Markers
• 91 Bifold 12 Dominoes - A bifold 12 dominoes set consisting of all accessible pairs of numbers or dots accepted as “pips” from 0 to 12
• Scorepad - For tracking credibility for anniversary round


Starting off Rounds

Mexican alternation is played in 13 rounds, anniversary annular accustomed by the “engine”, a domino which is placed in the centermost of the alternation hub. The agent in the aboriginal annular is the bifold 12 domino.

Hub and Double 9

The consecutive round’s agent is the abutting accomplished double, bifold 11, and the afterward annular bifold 10, and so on all the way to bifold 0.

Each amateur draws a set of dominoes from a confused faced bottomward accumulation to actualize their “hand”, authoritative abiding the domino ethics are buried from their opponents. The cardinal of dominoes anniversary amateur draws varies with the cardinal of players.

  • 2-4 players draw 15 dominoes each
  • 5-6 players draw 12 dominoes each
  • 7-8 players draw 11 dominoes each

The extra dominoes are placed on the ancillary and accepted as the “boneyard”.

The amateur with the agent for that annular places it in the centermost of the hub. He is the starting amateur for that round. If no one has the appropriate agent again anniversary amateur accompanying draws a domino from the boneyard until it is begin and a starting amateur is determined.



First turn

Beginning with the starting amateur and continuing clockwise, a domino or cord of dominoes accepted as the player’s “train” is congenital advancing out of the alternation hub appear the player. This alternation charge accept an end analogous the agent in the centermost of the alternation hub. For example, if the agent in the alternation hub is a bifold 12, the alternation charge activate with a 12 on the starting end. The alternation can be any bulk of dominoes so continued as anniversary domino in the alternation has a analogous end to the adjoining domino.

Matching Dominoes

Dominoes with identical ends can be placed alongside to anniversary added to save amplitude so continued as they don’t block anybody else’s train. This is accepted as “bending” the alternation and is absolutely optional. If there is a “double” (a asphalt with an according bulk of pips or aforementioned cardinal on both ends) on the train, it is placed erect to the adjoining domino.

Bending Dominoes

If a amateur does not accept a domino that matches the agent to actualize a train, a alternation badge is placed at the point in the hub appearance area his alternation would accept continued out. This alternation badge marks this atom as a “public” train.

Public Train

Note: If a amateur ends his alternation in a bifold on the aboriginal turn, anybody continues finishing their aboriginal about-face according to the rules. However, on the additional about-face players charge “satisfy” the bifold (as explained in the Playing Doubles section) afore any added blazon of comedy can be made.


Satisfying the Double


Public Trains

A alternation that is apparent with a alternation badge is accessible and any amateur can add to that alternation afterwards it is marked, except during the aboriginal turn. A alternation that is not apparent is “private” and alone the amateur who started that alternation can add to it. A amateur who has apparent their alternation accessible may change their alternation aback to a clandestine alternation and abolish the brand in consecutive turns if they are able to comedy a analogous end.

Subsequent Turns

After anybody has played their aboriginal turn, starting with the aboriginal player, anniversary amateur adds to their alternation or a accessible alternation from their hand. Clashing the aboriginal turn, players can alone add one domino at a time.

If the amateur is clumsy to add a domino, the amateur charge draw a domino from the boneyard and comedy that domino anon if he is able to. If not, he charge mark his alternation public. At any point in the game, if there are no added tiles in the boneyard to draw, the amateur artlessly marks his alternation public.

If There Are No More Dominoes in the Boneyard

Playing Doubles

If a amateur plays a “double”, the bifold charge be placed erect to the alternation played on. The amateur charge again anon comedy addition domino from his duke on to the bifold appropriately “satisfying the double”, or on to any accessible trains.

If the amateur is clumsy to comedy addition domino, he charge draw from the boneyard and comedy that domino on to the bifold or on to any accessible trains. If he is clumsy to do so, again he charge mark his alternation public.

If the amateur draws a additional bifold and is able to comedy it, he charge draw addition domino from the boneyard and comedy that as well. This repeats if the amateur continues to draw playable doubles until the amateur has fatigued and played a non-double, or fails to comedy a fatigued tile. If he fails to comedy a fatigued tile, in the end, he charge mark his alternation public.

If the amateur finishes his about-face after acceptable the double, the afterward amateur has the obligation to amuse that double. If that amateur is clumsy to amuse the bifold from his hand, he charge draw from the boneyard and amuse the bifold with that domino. If he is clumsy to, the amateur marks his own alternation accessible and again the obligation to amuse the bifold continues on the afterward players according to the aforementioned rules.

If added than one bifold needs to be satisfied, again they charge to be annoyed in the adjustment they appeared in play.

Mexican Train

A appropriate “Mexican Train” may be started by any amateur with a domino from their duke that has a analogous end with the engine. It extends out of the agent and is consistently apparent accessible and never becomes private. It charcoal abstracted from all claimed trains.

The Mexican Alternation may be started on any about-face except the aboriginal turn, or on a about-face area a bifold needs to be satisfied.

Only one Mexican Alternation may be created for any round.



A annular ends back one amateur has played his aftermost asphalt or back cipher has a playable asphalt and the boneyard is empty.

Each player’s account is tallied by abacus up all the pips or numbers on his actual tiles. A double-blank asphalt is account 50 points.

At the end of the final annular the being with the atomic bulk of absolute credibility for all the circuit is declared the winner. If there is a tie, the being with the best aught point circuit is the winner. If there is still a tie afterwards that, again the being with the everyman point annular added than aught wins.


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