How to Comedy Mancala

Mancala is a bold with age-old ancestry from Eritrea and Ethiopia, dating aback as far as the 6th and 7th century, and is still enjoyed through to this day. The appellation mancala is acquired from the Arabic word, “Naqala,” which means, “to move.”



1 Mancala lath and 48 stones

Mancala Setup



Place the bold lath amid the two players lengthwise. The bold lath is fabricated of 2 rows of 6 baby holes accepted as “pockets”, and ample holes on adverse ends alleged “mancalas” or “stores”. 


Mancala Terminology

Each amateur has 6 pockets anon in advanced of them and a abundance to their right.

Place 4 stones in anniversary of the 12 pockets. The blush of the stones does not matter.



The article of this bold is to see which amateur can get the best stones into their store.



One amateur will alpha the bold by acrimonious any abridged absolute stones from their own side.

The amateur will abolish all the stones from that pocket, and drop one bean at a time into neighboring pockets activity counter-clockwise until the stones run out.


Mancala Playing Direction


If a amateur encounters their own store, a bean is deposited in it.

If there are abundant stones to go accomplished the player’s own store, stones are deposited continuing on the added side’s pockets. However, if they appointment the added player’s store, that abundance is skipped over.

If the aftermost bean is deposited in the player’s own store, the amateur gets addition turn.  

Mancala Movement 1


If the aftermost bean is placed in an abandoned abridged on the player’s own side, the amateur takes this bean as able-bodied as the added player’s stones beyond from the abandoned abridged landed in, and places them in their own store.

Mancala Movement 2


Mancala Movement 3


Winning the Game

When all six pockets on one ancillary are emptied the bold ends. Anniversary amateur will calculation the cardinal of stones in their store. The amateur who has the best stones in their abundance wins.


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