How to Comedy Boscage / Dou Shou Qi / 鬥獸棋

Jungle or Dou Shou Qi is a two-player acceptable lath bold from China. It is additionally accepted as Boscage Chess or Beastly Chess and is a actual accepted bold amid children. The bold bears affinity to the western bold Stratego, which apparently acquired from Dou Shou Qi.

The Board

The lath is composed of seven columns and nine rows of squares. The pictures of the animals announce the starting adjustment of anniversary animal.

Doushouqi - Board


On the lath are several area features.

Doushouqi - Trap

Trap "Xianjing" 陷阱

Doushouqi - Den

Den "Shouxue" 兽穴

Doushouqi - River

River (Water area) "Xiaohe" 小河


The Pieces

Each amateur has eight pieces apery altered animals, anniversary with a altered amount of ability ranking. Beneath are all the beastly pieces and their ability ranking:

Doushouqi - Mouse
Mouse "Shu" 鼠 - 1

Doushouqi - Cat
Cat "Mao" 猫 - 2
Doushouqi - Wolf
Wolf "Lang" 狼 - 3
Doushouqi - Dog
Dog "Gou" 狗 – 4
Doushouqi - Leopard
Leopard "Bao" 豹 - 5

Doushouqi - Tiger
Tiger "Hu" 虎 - 6

Doushouqi - Lion
Lion "Shi" 狮 - 7
Doushouqi - Elephant
Elephant "Xiang" 象 – 8


Each amateur alternates authoritative one move per turn. The aboriginal amateur to move is bent by a cast of a bread or by scissors, rock, paper. The ambition is to win the bold by affective any beastly into the opponent's den. All pieces can move either one aboveboard vertical or horizontal.

Pieces can abduction all added pieces of according or lower amount of baronial by affective and landing assimilate it. There are two exceptions:

  • The Abrasion and the Elephant. An albatross may not abduction a abrasion while the abrasion may abduction the Elephant. The reason, it is said, is because the Abrasion can clamber into the Elephant's ear and eat its brain!
  • The trap. A amateur can abduction an opponent's allotment that is college in rank if that allotment is in one of their traps. A player's accessories are abutting to their den on their ancillary of the board.

There are appropriate rules on movement apropos the rivers and the den:

  • The Abrasion is the alone beastly that is accustomed to move assimilate a baptize square.
  • A Abrasion may not abduction an Albatross or addition Abrasion on acreage anon from a baptize square.
  • A Abrasion may abduction addition Abrasion if they are both in the water.
  • A Abrasion on acreage may not abduction addition Abrasion in the water.
  • Both the Bobcat and the Tiger can jump over the baptize angular or vertically. They move from one acreage aboveboard on the bend of the baptize to the abutting non-water aboveboard on the added side. They may not jump, however, if there is a
  • Mouse from either ancillary in the way. The Bobcat or Tiger may additionally abduction an opponent's allotment on the added ancillary of the baptize by jumping.
  • A amateur may not move its own allotment into its own den.

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