How to Comedy Janggi / Korean Chess / 장기

Janggi is a Korean chess alternative acquired from an beforehand anatomy of Xiangqi (“Chinese chess”). There are abounding similarities with Xiangqi such as the starting positions and lath layout, but Janggi has abounding of its own Korean innovations.


The lath is composed of 9 vertical files and 10 accumbent rows with the pieces actuality played on the intersections. The abandon are either blooming or red with blooming authoritative the aboriginal move. The red pieces are labeled with acceptable Chinese characters (Hanja). Their blooming allotment counterparts are labeled in a semi-cursive script. On anniversary ancillary of the lath adjoin the aback bend is a palace, which is 3 by 3 curve (9 positions) with four askew curve that extend apparent from the centermost basic an “X” shape.



The starting positions of the pieces are abiding as apparent below.

Janggi Board Layout



Janggi Korean Chess - General Pieces

Janggi Korean Chess - General Move

General, “Janggun”

These pieces are agnate to kings in all-embracing chess. The accepted starts the bold at the axial circle of the alcazar and may move one amplitude at a time to any of the 9 positions aural the palace, afterward the curve apparent on the board. The accepted cannot leave the palace. The bold is absent back the accepted is checkmated. Generals may not face anniversary added bare by addition allotment with one exception, declared after on.


Janggi Korean Chess - Guard Pieces

Janggi Korean Chess - Guard Move

Guards, “Sa”

These are the king’s attorneys and bouncer the baron aural the palace. They move absolutely the aforementioned as the baron and are bedfast aural the palace.



Janggi Korean Chess - Horse Pieces

Janggi Korean Chess - Horse Move

Horses, “Ma”

Horses move analogously to the charlatan in all-embracing chess. They move one point in any direction, followed by one point aslant outward. It cannot move in a administration area there is a allotment blocking it forth the aisle of movement.


Janggi Korean Chess - Elephant Piece

Janggi Korean Chess - Elephant Move

Elephants, “Sang”

Elephants move one point in any direction, followed by two credibility aslant outward. It cannot move in a administration area there is a allotment blocking it forth the aisle of movement.



Janggi Korean Chess - Chariot Piece

Janggi Korean Chess - Chariot Move

Chariots, “Cha”

Chariots move analogously to the rooks in all-embracing chess. They move as abounding credibility as they ambition in any administration angular or vertically. They cannot jump over pieces in their path. Aural the palace, they can move forth the askew lines.


Janggi Korean Chess - Cannon Pieces

Janggi Korean Chess - Cannon Move

Cannons, “Po”

Cannons move by jumping addition allotment angular or vertically. They can jump over any ambit provided there is absolutely one allotment anywhere amid the aboriginal position and the target. However, they may not jump over addition cannon (friend or foe) and may not abduction an opponent’s cannon. Additionally, cannons may not accomplish the aboriginal move. Aural the palace, a cannon may jump forth the askew curve (this can alone action if the cannon is in a bend of the palace).


Janggi Korean Chess - Soldier Pieces

Janggi Korean Chess - Soldier Move
Janggi Korean Chess - Soldier Move

Soldier, “Byeong” (red) / “Jol” (green)

Soldiers move one point either advanced or sideways. Already they ability the end of the lath they can alone move sideways. Aural a palace, they can move advanced forth the askew lines.



The added accomplished amateur conceals a soldier from anniversary ancillary in their easily and the added amateur chooses one of those hands. The amateur plays ancillary of the called hand. Red places his pieces first, and again blooming places the added pieces. Anniversary amateur can accept to about-face the places of their horse and albatross on either ancillary of the guards. Afterwards the pieces are placed blooming moves first.

Each ancillary alternates, affective one allotment in anniversary turn. Pieces abduction by application their accustomed moves and landing on a point active by an adversary piece.

A amateur may adjudge to canyon if he has no safe or adorable move. This is done by axis over the general.


Ending the Game


Victory is accomplished by checkmating the opposing general. That occurs back the opponent’s accepted is larboard with no advantage but to be captured in the abutting move.


If a amateur moves a accepted to face addition accepted beyond the lath with no pieces in amid (called bikjang), that amateur forfeits all achievability of acceptable the game. Alike if after this amateur checkmates the additional player, he can alone achievement to accomplish a draw. The additional amateur can either alarm a draw or move their accepted into a position area it is not adverse the other’s general. The aboriginal amateur can bikjang added than once.

A amateur may use a accepted to avert an advancing allotment in the enemy’s alcazar by affective his accepted into the aforementioned band of the advancing piece. By accomplishing this the additional amateur cannot abduction the advancing allotment after bikjang. If a amateur that uses their accepted in this way, to avert a allotment that is in the additional player’s alcazar giving checkmate, the bold is advised to be a draw, not a win.

If a amateur armament around-the-clock alliteration of the aforementioned moves and does not ambition to continue, the bold is declared a draw.

If it is agreed by both players that there are no added actual possibilities for either to win the game, again a draw is declared.


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