How to Comedy Crashword


Object of the Game

Get the best credibility by creating the longest words possible,


Unless obstacles arise to arrest the game!

Getting Started

 Hour Bottle (30 Seconds)
Joker Dice 
Letter Dice
Tally Count


  • Each letter in a chat is account 1 point. The aboriginal to ability 100 credibility wins.
  • Each player’s about-face has 30 seconds. Cast the alarm afore creating a word.
  • Each amateur chooses a color, yellow, blue, red, black, blooming or pink, and places their two black pegs at the basal of the account counter.
  • Throw one actor die to see which blush starts the game.
    • Example: If the blush red is formed again the amateur who chose that blush begins the game.


Playing the Game

  1. Throw the four actor dice.
  • If the player’s own blush is rolled, they may accumulate those dice as Jokers. Jokers can represent any letter to advice body a word. If the player’s blush is not formed again the about-face passes to the amateur on the right.
  • If a amateur rolls four identical colors, the amateur who represents that blush takes over the turn. All the dice become Jokers for them to use.
  • Next, the amateur whose about-face it is rolls the 12 able dice.
    • The amateur flips the alarm and has 30 abnormal to actualize the longest chat possible
    • Unless.....


If a brilliant is rolled. Nobody can blow the dice. All the players accompanying try to actualize the longest chat accessible application the able dice and jokers and advertise the cardinal of belletrist afore the time is up. The amateur who proposed the accomplished cardinal of belletrist has to anatomy the word.
If a duke is rolled. The amateur who threw the dice mimes a chat created by the able dice and jokers. The added players try to assumption the word. The aboriginal one who guesses accurately wins credibility for the vowels and the amateur who threw the dice wins credibility for the consonants.
If the skull and cantankerous basic are rolled. Whoever shouts “CRASH” aboriginal steals the about-face and gets to bandy the able dice. 


Counting Points

  • Each letter counts as one point, including Jokers.
  • Players accumulate clue of credibility on the their own Account Counter.
  • Their two black pegs alpha at the bottom.
  • The larboard cavalcade represents 10 to 100 points.“ The appropriate represents 1 to 9 points.
  • Each time 9 credibility are anesthetized on the right, the peg in the larboard cavalcade is confused up one. “ The aboriginal to ability 100 credibility wins.



A amateur receives a 3 point amends if:

  • The chat doesn’t exist.
  • Time runs out.
  • “CRASH” is abominably shouted.
  • An attack at miming failed.


Get an added turn!

A amateur gets an added about-face to cycle able dice if... they can actualize the word:




How to win outright!

A amateur wins absolute if... they can actualize the word:




Have fun and acceptable luck!

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