How to Comedy Chickenfoot Dominoes

Chickenfoot (also accepted as Chickie Dominoes) is a fun and accessible to apprentice domino game. The ambition is to try to get rid of as abounding dominoes as accessible and accept the everyman account based on the dominoes actual afore your opponents can do the same.


• 1 Centerpiece - Alternative starting allotment placed in the average of the table
• 55 Bifold 9 Dominoes - A bifold 9 dominoes set consisting of all accessible pairs of numbers or dots accepted as “pips” from 0 to 9
• Scorepad - For tracking credibility for anniversary round

Starting off Rounds

Each amateur draws a set of dominoes from a confused face bottomward the accumulation to actualize their “hand”, authoritative abiding the domino ethics are buried from their opponents. The cardinal of dominoes anniversary amateur draws varies with the cardinal of players.

2 players draw 21 dominoes each
3 players draw 14 dominoes each
4 players draw 11 dominoes each
5 players draw 8 dominoes each
6 players draw 7 dominoes each
7 players draw 6 dominoes each
8 players draw 5 dominoes each

The extra dominoes are placed on the ancillary and referred to as the “chicken yard.”

Chicken bottom establishes a annular with a starting “double” (a asphalt with the aforementioned bulk of pips or the aforementioned cardinal on anniversary end) placed in the centerpiece. For a bifold 9 set, you activate the aboriginal annular with the bifold 9 domino.

Hub and Double 9

The consecutive circuit activate with the abutting accomplished double, bifold 8, and the afterward annular bifold 7, all the way to bifold 0 for a absolute of ten rounds. If no one has the appropriate starting bifold again anniversary amateur accompanying draws a domino from the craven backyard until it is begin and a starting amateur is determined.

Going clockwise, the abutting amateur charge comedy a domino from their duke off the starting double. This domino charge accept a analogous end to the starting double. If they do not accept one, they draw a domino from the craven backyard and comedy that if possible. If not, the amateur calls “Pass” and the about-face moves to the abutting player. The afterward amateur repeats the action of aggravating to comedy off the starting bifold and this continues until all abandon of the centerpiece are filled.

Optionally, one can additionally comedy with aloof six abandon or four abandon abounding and additionally after the centerpiece. This is alone a amount of preference.

Hub and Double 9

Subsequent Turns

After all the abandon are played off the starting double, plays can abide off any apparent end domino as continued as the ends match.

Matching Dominoes

If the amateur is clumsy to add a domino, again the amateur charge draw a domino from the craven backyard and comedy that domino anon if he is able to. Otherwise, he charge pass. If there are no dominoes actual to draw from, again the amateur artlessly passes.

The Chickenfoot

If a amateur plays a double, the bifold charge be placed erect to the domino played off of. The amateur again calls “Chickie” additional the numbers played. For example, if a bifold 5 was played, the amateur would alarm “Chickie Fives.” The abutting three plays charge be fabricated off that double, creating an adjustment that resembles a craven foot.

Public Train

If the amateur is clumsy to comedy on that double, he charge draw from the craven backyard and comedy that domino if accessible or abroad pass. Already the Chickenfoot has completed, the plays can abide off any apparent analogous end again.

Completing a round

A annular is completed back one amateur plays the aftermost domino in their duke or no players are able to accomplish a acknowledged play.

At this point, anniversary amateur annal their credibility for the annular by accretion the cardinal of pips from the dominoes actual in their hand. An alternative aphorism is to account bifold 0 tiles as 50 points.

Completing the game

The bold ends afterwards all 10 circuit are played. The amateur with the everyman absolute account for all the circuit wins!


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