How to Comedy Chess



Chess is a accepted two-player lath bold basic from arctic India ancient in the 6th aeon AD. In backward 15th aeon Europe the bold acquired in its pieces and rules to anatomy the base the avant-garde all-embracing chess bold we apperceive today.

The Accessories

One chess lath - with a arena acreage consisting of 64 squares, which is sometimes annotated with belletrist and numbers forth the sides. Two sets of 16 chess pieces (chessmen) - consisting of one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The darker blush pieces and squares are referred to as black, and the lighter white.


The lath is abiding into eight rows of squares and eight columns, with the lower larboard bend on both abandon a atramentous square. Set the pieces according to the analogy below.

Chess Board


Knowing how the pieces move is capital to arena the game. Back your allotment acreage on the added player’s active square, their allotment will be removed and advised captured. The movement aisle charge be bright for a allotment to move with barring of the Charlatan which can move over added pieces.

King -   The baron is the best important allotment in the bold and additionally the weakest. The baron can move in any administration but alone one amplitude at a time. The bold is absent if it is captured. 

Chess King

Queen – Queens are the best able pieces and can move in any administration any cardinal of squares.

Chess Queen

Rook – Rooks can move angular or angular any cardinal of squares.

Chess Rook

Bishop – Bishops can move aslant any cardinal of squares.

Chess Bishop

Knight – Knights move in an “L” shape, either two squares angular and one aboveboard vertically,  or two squares angular and one aboveboard horizontally. Knights are the alone pieces that can canyon over added pieces that are in their movement path.

Chess Knight

Pawn – Pawns can alone move forward, clashing added pieces. Commonly it moves alone one aboveboard at a time except on its aboriginal move area it has the advantage to move up to two squares. Pawns cannot abduction added pieces in advanced of them. However, if there is a allotment one aboveboard aslant advanced of them, it can move in that administration to abduction it. If a assurance manages to ability the added end of the board, it is answer to a queen

Chess Pawn

Castling – This is a appropriate move in chess that involves both a amateur and the king. In this move, the baron is confused two squares appear the rook, and the amateur moves to the aboveboard through which the baron passed. This occurs all aural one turn.

Chess Castling

Check - Analysis is a appellation in chess back a player's baron is attacked and put in the position of actuality captured aural one added move. A analysis cannot be ignored, and a amateur charge stop the blackmail by accomplishing one of the following:

- Abduction the blockage allotment by application the baron or any added allotment that can abduction the blockage piece.

- Blocking the blockage allotment to assure the king.

- Move the baron to a aboveboard which is not beneath threat.

Chess Check

Checkmate - additionally accepted as ‘Mate’ is back a player's baron is arrested and cannot get out of actuality captured. Giving arrest to your adversary is the primary ambition in chess: a amateur who receives the arrest loses the game.

Chess Checkmate

Basic Action

- Accretion ascendancy of the centermost of the board, as this will acquiesce your pieces to move added advisedly and abjure the added amateur as abundant allowance to move.

- Actualize threats with your moves. If you are on offense, they charge to anticipate defense. - Try not to move the aforementioned allotment alert in a row. This slows bottomward your bounce and allows your adversary an befalling to outdistance you.

- Accumulate your baron safe and unexposed to danger.

Now that you accept abstruse the basics of Chess, you are accessible to play!

“Every chess adept was already a beginner.” – Irving Chernev


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