How to Comedy Aeroplane Chess "Fei Xing Qi" 飞行棋

Aeroplane Chess is a fun, fast-paced and accessible to apprentice archetypal Chinese lath bold enjoyed by adults and accouchement alike. It actual agnate to the bold Ludo, in which the article of the bold is to accept all your pieces ability the centermost first.

The Board

Aeroplane Chess - Board



2 to 4 players activate by agreement their corresponding blush pieces in their hangers. Anniversary takes turns throwing the die, and the amateur with the accomplished cycle plays first. The players to the larboard chase in turn.


A amateur charge cycle an alike cardinal to move an aeroplane out assimilate the barrage area. If the amateur already has one or added airplanes out of the hanger, he can accept to move an aeroplane to the barrage breadth or move an aeroplane that is already out of the hanger.

Pieces move clockwise about the board. The cardinal of spaces a allotment moves is bent by the cycle of the die. If the amateur rolls a 6, the amateur either launches or moves a piece, and afresh rolls again. However, if addition 6 is rolled, afresh the allotment or pieces confused by the two antecedent 6s are beatific aback to the hanger.

If a player's allotment acreage on a amplitude that already has one of his own airplanes, again those pieces are ample together. Depending on abode rules bent by all the players, airplanes that are ample again move calm as one assemblage or alone move singly.

When a player's allotment acreage on a amplitude with an opponent's airplane, the opponent's aeroplane is attacked and beatific aback to their hanger. Aback a player's allotment acreage on an opponent's assemblage of airplanes, again all those ample airplanes are beatific aback to the hanger.

When a player's allotment acreage on a amplitude with its own color, it all-overs four spaces advanced to the abutting amplitude of its own blush in accession to any stacking or advancing that is done.

When a player's allotment acreage on a jump point, the amateur all-overs by afterward the dotted band to the amplitude beyond the lath in accession to any advancing that is done. In addition, any allotment it passes over that lies in the amplitude forth the dotted band is attacked and beatific aback to its hanger. Already it acreage on the added ancillary of the jump point, the allotment all-overs addition four spaces as per the antecedent jumping rule, unless the allotment has accustomed on the jump point as a aftereffect of a jump.

When a player's allotment has accomplished the final amplitude of its own blush the allotment continues its moves against the centermost to its home base. Aback a player's die cycle acreage its allotment on the home base, that allotment has completed its adventure and is alternate aback to the hanger face down. If the die cycle amount is too big to acreage it on the home base, it charge abide a cardinal of spaces it charge move by backtracking abroad from the home base.

The aboriginal amateur to accept all four of their airplanes accomplishment their journeys wins. The actual players abide the bold to actuate the runner-ups.


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